Forget all that digging, watering, or weeding. Spend more time feeding your family delicious, nutrient-packed food from your own organic garden, and less time battling pests and cleaning up.

Bust through conventional gardening wisdom and reclaim your time with these powerful strategies inside Lazy Gardening Academy:

  • 6 popular gardening "rules" that are meant to be broken (and how to avoid mistakes that even seasoned gardeners make)
  • 5 crucial keys to setting up your garden for maximum yield with as little waste as possible
  • No-fail recipes for building rich, vibrant soil you can plant in right away (without breaking your back or breaking the bank)
  • The most efficient way to produce loads of perfect compost (with no turning and no thermometers needed)
  • Low-effort, highly effective and natural strategies for reducing pests and plant diseases (that's overlooked in most gardens)
  • Surprising ways to harvest more food without growing more plants—and even get more nutrients out of them

This is the only course you need if you want to grow MORE food with LESS work.

It doesn't matter if you're starting just one raised bed, or overhauling an entire backyard farm. It doesn't matter if you've killed hundreds of plants, never grown a single vegetable, or don't consider yourself handy.

The simple, tested-and-true techniques inside this course work for anyone in any climate zone, but especially if you're tired of digging, being on your knees, and fighting pests all season.

Lazy Gardening Academy teaches you the exact 8-step framework I used to plan, build, grow, and harvest a beautiful, high-production, low-maintenance garden—all in 8 weeks or less.

It takes the guesswork (and busywork) out of growing your own food. I call it the "Lazy Gardener" way.

You can call it the year you have your best garden ever!

Linda Ly

Instructor and Founder of Garden Betty

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